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autistic people do like people, it is only a question of how, where and why. we have often made the experience that autism is much more fun together. in any case it is no fun to wonder about your own peculiarities by yourself and desair in the face of social requirements.

we are working on putting together something to challenge this issue in our local community and want to encourage you to do the same: If you suspect to be autistic or if you have a diagnosis to be on the spectrum, do think about learning more about autism: to value your own strenghts and find support yourself by finding and interacting with others that share your own challenges and view points. in our experience, it is always something that has a positive impact on your life, in whichever way you make of it.

if you want to say something to me in my very own ever growing but still small local vienna network, you can drop me a note here!

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