real things for real life

right planet is not only a project that builds networks and promotes understanding but also strives towards giving specific expression to the autistic perspective and establishing it in the world. the world is full of things, concepts and information. unfortunately only a few of them speak the "autistic language" - meaning to agree with the visuall, haptic and conceptional patterns that match with the way of thinking and sensualities of a person with autism.

we manufacture things

we produce things we are looking for ourselves but are not able to find anywhere and also work with people that have already found good solutions to problems we see. when doing this, we connect sustainable and "real" material with clear optic and direct functionality. we don't only care about things that make life more manageable, but also work towards making the world more accessible to perceive - for people with autism and without alike. all those things you will find at the soon to be launched


many people with autism never really arrive in work life and society even though there is a lot they can contribute. we don't only design in an autistic way and with the goal to make engagement with things and concepts accessible in a more direct way but also actively look for possibilities to foster talents and interests of individual people and to give them space and time when engaging with their special interests.