autism for all!

people on the autism spectrum experience the world differently than neurotypicals or people with a more common brain structure. the translation of what is commonly perceived as normal and the way autists see the world and move in it often leads to alienation on both sides. especially people with aspergers are often socially aware enough to adapt to the norms surrounding them and in many cases live their whole lifes in a world they never really feel at home in - continually failing in their efforts to be "normal".

the term "wrong planet syndrome" illustrates directly the experience of many people on the autism spectrum in our society which often is too inflexible in social convention and interpretation to acknowledge and understand the autistic view point and accept it as a legitimate experience.

many people on the spectrum lead a reclusive life in which they stay well below their personal, cognitive and social potential - a cicumstance that makes our society much poorer as there is no "right" view on the world. for sure though, there are countless problems that can only benefit from the lateral thinking a more neurodiverse society has to offer.